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Italian Language Courses in Florence

Italian language courses in Florence

Are you looking for Italian language courses in Florence? Michelangelo is the best solution for you! The main activity of Michelangelo School is to teach the Italian Language, through intensive programmes for different types of learning needs. That’s not all, because Michelangelo school also offers Italian culture, art and customs courses, in order to fully immerse the students in Italian culture.
Specifically, the courses offered by Michelangelo school are:
– The Italian language courses in Florence, offered in six levels, all year round, permits the progressive learning of Italian. The courses are intensive, favouring everyday Italian.
– The Specialisation Course in our Italian language School, which every year we offer to teachers of Italian in schools abroad, both to those in possession of the Michelangelo Diploma, and to those who, having complete mastery over the language, wish to take a refresher course.
– The Individual Intensive Courses in Italian Language, that are one to one courses offered in different options, and they consist of full immersion courses addressed to those who need, in a short time, to have a good mastery of Italian language.
In addition to Italian language courses, Michelangelo offers: The Art History Courses, The supplementary Courses in Italian Culture, The Art Courses and The Italian Cooking Course.
What are you waiting for? Discover our Italian language courses in Florence!